Borgo Maisale

Activities and products

Maisale village is within the territories of the Mamertino DOC wine instituted by decree of 03/09/2004 published in the Official Gazette 11/09/04 214 n.

It is said that Caesar himself would celebrate his third consulship with the renowned Mamertino wine. The company’s position to 200 mt s.l.m. in the valley of Timeto caressed by sea breezes and soil fertility help to confer structure and aromas.

The surrounding vineyards are planted with grapes Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, the grape harvest begins in the second half of August until the end of September, in the cellar of the village you can follow all the stages of production and taste the wines produced by appreciate the quality and discover the scents.

The olive harvest takes place in autumn to produce a delicate olive oil.

The fruit trees, the vegetable garden and seasonal farm animals contribute to supply Borgo Maisale a varied and healthy production.